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To the White Male Co-worker Who Thinks He’s Gotten Away with Harassing Me…

31 Aug

First off, I am not your victim, but I am your target. And trust me when I point out there is a big difference.  This is why the woman, the one who touts how she supports and works so diligently to sustain women’s rights at our workplace, let your sorry ass off the hook without even a reprimand to be placed in your file.

I was supposed to act the part of the victim, to sit in a chair before her and cry and weep and beg her to take some sort of action. Apparently, she was not expecting me to show outrage, to show white hot anger at the perverse line you posted about my new psychological thriller INSIDE V on the campus listserv that reaches hundreds of our fellow colleagues. Another female colleague dared to publicly celebrate me and my new novel, sharing the high turnout at my reading at Barnes & Noble and my interview I did with The Huffington Post. You couldn’t stand for one woman celebrating another’s success. You couldn’t stand for that female professor to let all of our colleagues know that her family member found my book “spellbinding.”

You couldn’t stand for it because you’re a sexual harasser of women.

So you had to ruin it by writing, “V is hard and wet. Thanks, Paula” and posting it for everyone to see.

I got her you must’ve thought to yourself.  I reduced both her AND her book to nothing but a female sexual body part.  But the way you think is base and boring.  Because a woman has a vagina she should never be respected for her creative mind.

Please let me reduce you to what you are.  You are no man.  You are just another lowly number in the increasingly high statistic of men who prey upon women because they’re jealous of their success, their physical appearance, the fact these women far outshine them in the workplace.  1 in 3 women has been sexually harassed at work, according to an article in The Huffington Post.  And in The Guardian it has been reported that more than half the claims of  sexual harassment in the workplace in the United States result in no charge and/or no formal action taken against the perpetrator.

So know this…I know my long list of publications trickle and burn through your insides like acid and all you’ve done by posting your vile comments and defying the order against you by showing up at my office door, printing out my reviews from Amazon like the disturbed creep you are, is make me want to publish even more.