A Burning Question

17 Sep
Bethany Storro in Bandagings

The bandaging of Bethany Storro's face.

In her quest for her fifteen minutes of “face time” in the media (she was booked to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show), Bethany Storro purposely splashes herself with acid (the tip-off to cops should’ve been that she thought ahead to wear sunglasses) and then conveniently she blames it on a black woman?

Storro should not be treated as a victim of her own so-called mental illness.  She should be treated as an accessory to the horrific copycat crime that happened to the mother of five in Arizona.  Where is that poor woman’s justice?

Derri Dias Velarde graciously doesn’t want to point the finger at Storro for having influenced her own attack claiming that the deranged woman who came after her would have hurt her anyway.  There’s probably truth to that.  But would the means of attack in the parking lot really have been chemical if the initial fake acid assault hadn’t made all the morning news shows?  If Storro hadn’t selfishly sat at her press conference peeking and sobbing from the holes of her bandages, soaking up such public sympathy, maybe Velarde would’ve come away from the attack on her with something less dramatic, more common in such cases like slashed tires or even a quick slap to the face – something that could easily be replaced or in no time completely heal.


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